Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funny moments on the plane with Miles...

Miles loved the planes, which was a big relief for me and Dan. He sat by the window on the way to Phoenix. 

The only problem we encountered occurred after the first two visits to the plane potties. The first time we flushed, Miles did not know that it would be loud, so it was a surprise. The second time he went, I forgot to tell Dan that I promised Miles I would not flush while he was in the actual bathroom. So, Dan flushed while he was still in there. The third time he had to go, he told us he was going to wait until we got to Seattle. Which was over an hour away. After much squirming, and threats that he would not be our best friend anymore if we made him go to the bathroom, he finally decided that he had to really go but I had to PROMISE not to flush while he was in the bathroom. He finally went and was out the door before I could turn around. The people on the plane got a good chuckle as he jogged down the aisle back to his seat announcing loudly that he went peepee as the sound of the toilet echoed loudly in the plane. 

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