Friday, March 13, 2009

Thurs, Mar. 12 - To Seattle

Today, Larry took us to Bremerton (home town of one of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie!) to catch the ferry to Seattle. On the ferry, we could see Mt. Rainer (even closer) and the Olympic Mountains.

We got to Seattle, checked into the Sheraton, and went to pick up the registration materials for the conference. The hotel is in the heart of downtown Seattle. There is a massive shopping area and the Seattle Art Musuem right down the street. Miles is feeling a lot better (just has a cold at this point).

Mary Murray and I attended the orientation to the conference at 2pm, then I met up with my friend from high school, April. I haven't seen her since around 2003. She lives in Portland and drove 3 hours to see us. We had dinner at this yummy vegetarian Chinese place and then walked all over the city trying to find the REI flagship store so Dan could buy a long sleeve shirt (he only brought short sleeve here, but don't worry, he did have a coat). We saw the Space Needle from down the street, and Miles is really excited to go up the Space Needle sometime while we are here.
Friday is going to be a busy day of conference attending for me. Stay tuned for exciting librarian updates :-)!

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