Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weds., Mar. 11 - Tacoma

It's lunchtime here. We took Miles to a Urgent Care place this morning because he still has a fever (when not on Motrin or Tylenol). He is fine other than just being under the weather. Once the medicine kicks in, you would not know he was sick except he sounds a little froggy.

Larry and I went for a walk along the Puget Sound this morning. It is absolutely beautiful today - not a cloud in the sky - so you can see Mt. Rainer on one side of the sound and the Olympic Mountain range on the other (complete with snow on the tops of the mountains). It is also VERY cold here. I am glad that I made the investment in the raincoat/hiking coats for us before the trip. They are coming in handy!

Miles is taking a nap now, when he wakes up, we are going to drive around Point Defiance and maybe drive to Mt. Rainer if he feels up to it.


  1. Oh no, I hope he feels better. Poor baby. I don't know why I get so emotional about Miles.
    I'm glad you're having a nice time and I know it will be nicer when Miles gets better. I hope Dan is enjoying the "other" side of the country.
    Love, Mom aka Grammie

  2. Hey mom. He is okay. I think he just has a bad cold. He is a trooper. We have been keeping him on tylenol or motrin plus triaminic all day. He felt good enough to go out this afternoon. He went to bed about 7:30 tonight. We managed to sleep until 7:30ish this morning, so I don't feel jet lagged at all. Dan and I went to bed last night around 10pm Seattle time - 1am Atlanta time. Miles went to bed around 7pm Seattle time (10pm Atlanta time). I'll keep you updated on how he feels.

    Love you!

  3. I'm afraid the jet lag gets you when you come home. The best thing to do when you come home is try to get back on a regular schedule. Wayne and I were really tired for a couple of days when we got back from Vegas. Miles is a trooper
    and a little doll baby too!!!!
    I love you,